Dark Mode

How to enable dark mode on Intelligo and guidance for best use

Dark mode on Intelligo is a fantastic tool when you wish to use darker branding for your event.

While it looks fantastic there are a few caveats to be aware of before hitting the switch.

How to enable dark mode

Navigate to Event Branding in the admin area of Intelligo. If you're not sure where that is find out here.

Simply toggle the switch to enable dark mode and hit save. 

Logos on Dark Mode

The primary consideration you'll need to make on dark mode is logos. Yours and your partners.

You will need to source "negative" logos. A negative logo is simply a logo which is made to be placed over black.

Please see an example below of what can happen when you do not have negative logos when enabling dark mode. 

Dark Mode Background Colour

We always recommend using PNG images with transparency for best results but if you are utilising JPEGs or Video the dark mode colour hex is:


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