Branding on Intelligo

Guidance on how to brand you event on Intelligo. Including your brand colour, Image resolutions and formats.

Intelligo allows you to weave your brand throughout the entire platform easily.

To find the branding options please follow the instructions here.

If you're a designer and would just like the resolutions please find our branding cheat sheet here. However, we recommend reading this article to understand the context of each item.

Accent Colour

The accent colour is utilised throughout the entire Intelligo platform. You'll find it on the navigation menu, chat boxes, buttons, favicons and anywhere a highlight is required.

To change you brand colour with the colour selector widget, you can simply drag to a tone you desire. Or, enter accurate colour references in RGB, HSL or Hex values. Click the two arrows next to the data entry to change the format between RBH, HSL & Hex.

Event Logo

The event logo is always displayed in the upper left hand side of your Intelligo site. It is also displayed on the welcome pages.

This can be a great area to inject some extra branding into your event as per the example image below.

For best results use a logo at a 3:1 ratio at 900px x 300px. The logo holding area will grow to 3:2 but tall or square logos should be avoided for best results. 

Event Banner

The event banner appears on your welcome pages for the event. This is peoples first impression of you event.

The event banner can be a video or image and is a 4:1 ratio at 1920px x 480px.

Please note that as Intelligo is a responsive platform there is no safe area in this banner. We only recommend utilising it for branding textures rather than any text or logos. Please see examples below.

Event banner on a HD monitor:

Event banner on a mobile phone:

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