Stage studio's are virtual studios built into Intelligo. They are a way to stream to your events audience, compose the stream and customise it all within Intelligo without the need for an external studio like OBS etc.

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Every stage that is created has a studio, you can see how to create a stage here.

To make a studio go live to the stage, you need to add a "Studio Session" to the agenda. You can see how to do this here.

To access a stage's studio, click on the dropdown next to a stage and click studio.

You can also access a stage's studio from the relevant page in the event.

When you first enter a studio, it will request your camera and microphone permissions, once it has the correct permissions it will allow you to enter the studio.

Once in the studio you will see five sections, they are split up as follows.

  1. On the left is the studio sidebar - this is where the "Studio Messages" and options for the studio are. - The studio messages are only visible by users in the studio.

  2. The middle has the composed live stream, this is what is visible to users watching on the live.

  3. Down the bottom is where users in the studio and their cameras or screen shares will appear. Clicking any one of these will make them live.

  4. To the right of the stream is the information about the studio and also some controls at the bottom.

  5. On the right is the "Interact" sidebar which is the exact same sidebar that is in the stage, here you can see the stage messages and questions and polls with moderation.


When creating a stage, users specified as "Moderators" have access to the studio along with event admins.

However, if you would like to invite a user to the studio, you can click the button on the bottom right to invite users, the users will then get a notification with a link to click so they can access the studio.


To get started, you can click on a users camera or screen share at the bottom to make it live.

To enable your screen share, click the screen share button on the bottom right, once this is done you will see your screen share popup at the bottom where you can control it just like a users camera.

Going Live

To be able to go live, you need to enable the studio, to do this, click the "Enable Studio" button, this will take a few seconds to enable and start the studio stream.

Once enabled, if the current session on the stage is not a studio session, the "Not Live" message will be shown, this means your studio is not currently broadcasting to the stage, this will only ever say "Live" if your studio is broadcasting to the stage and CAN be seen.

You will get a countdown as seen above, to the next session if there is not one currently active. When the session goes live and it is a "Studio Session" the "Not Live" will turn to "Live" and your studio is broadcasting to the stage and can be seen by everyone.

Studio Options

On the left sidebar you have options for the studio branding and banners.


Branding allows you to upload backgrounds, logo's and show name tags at the bottom of each users camera.

Once uploaded, click on a background or logo to add it to the live canvas.


Under the banners tab you can create banners to display as "Lower thirds" on your studio. This allows for custom text e.g. a speakers name and job title etc.

You can create as many banners as you like and enable them as needed by clicking on them.

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