Partners are central to the Intelligo platform, also known as sponsors, event organisers can display partners of their event all over the platform.

Head over to the 'Partners' page to get started.

This is where you can create all partners of your event, sort them and event group them.

To get started, click on 'Create Partner'

You will now see the Partner creation popup.

The options here are as follows:

Name: The name of the partner you are creating.

Logo: This is the logo of the partner to be uploaded

Description: The description of this partner.

Representatives: Here you can assign users of your event as a partner 'representative' this gives the users access to the partner and allows them to edit the partners information and also respond to partner direct messages from other users of the event.

Website: The partners website address

Facebook: The partners facebook page

Instagram: The partners Instagram page

LinkedIn: The partners LinkedIn page

Options -

Navigation: This will make the partners logo appear in the navigation bar on the left

Carousel: This will make the partners logo appear on the carousel at the bottom of the screen

Promoted: This will make the partner stand out on the partners page and also in emails etc by making it full width

Active: Enable or disable the partner from being seen on the event

Once you have selected all your options and filled in the fields, click 'Create' and the partner will appear in the 'No Group' group.

If you do not wish to group you're partners you can simply just re order them by clicking and dragging the icons on the left of each partner.

However if you wish to group your partners by 'tier' or anything like that then to start, simply click the 'Create Group' button which will show a box to type your groups name in.

When you are happy with the group name, click 'Create' and your new group will appear in the list below.

You can now drag your partners into these groups and even re order the groups by clicking and dragging the icon next to the group name

Now you have your partners created, you can also assign them to 'Stages', 'Sessions' and event 'Breakouts'.

Head over to either of the relevant pages and edit or create one of the items. You will see in the popup that you can select a partner from a list. This partner will then appear on session cards and also in relevant stage or room.

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