Feedback is a powerful feature of Intelligo to be able to gather feedback from the users of your event.

To get started, head to 'Content' and then 'Feedback'.

The page will now list all of the feedbacks you have made and a quick display of how many responses each one has received.

Lets create a new feedback, click on the 'Create Feedback' button

You will now see the feedback creation popup.

The options here are as follows:

Title: This is the title of the feedback that your users will see.

External feedback form link: You can enter a URL here to an external page for feedback collection, the users will be presented with a link to click on

Question: This is the question you would like to ask your users, it will be presented above a text box for them to enter their reply

Options -

Rating out of 5: Toggle the rating out of 5, this will enable or disable the rating out of 5 question

Enforce external form: This will not let the users save the feedback form until they have clicked the external feedback form link if you are using that feature

After you have selected your options and filled in the form, click 'Create'

You can now see your feedback form in the list and click on the preview button to see what the form will look like for your users.

Feedback results

Once you have collected feedback forms from your users, you can then click the 'View Results' button.

This will show you a page with analytical data on the feedback responses, from here you can sort and search through the responses.

Need data becomes available every 5 minutes, if you wish to refresh the data just click the refresh button

You can also download the feedback forms data to a CSV for further analysis / archival storage

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