The Intelligo platform sends all kinds of emails to delegates, from within the Email settings you can create and customise these emails.

First of all you will notice the 'Welcome Email', this is the email that gets sent to all users who get registered on the platform, you can click the blue manage button on the right customise this email.

Next up we have Scheduled Emails, each event has a limit of how many scheduled emails it can send based on the plan it is on.

To get started, click 'Create scheduled email'.

When you create a new scheduled email you will be greeted with an email builder and a preview of the email.

From here you can customise the email with your own branding, logo, copy and options. The body and footer allow variables to be entered which will pull information from the user and event, these variables will always have curly braces ( {{ ) around them.

To enter a custom variable just click the 'Variables' button on the text editor.

Once you are happy with your email, you can hit 'Save' at the bottom to schedule the email.

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