Because Intelligo features dynamic linking of content throughout the platform, agenda sessions need to be made in a particular way to ensure all the functions of Intelligo work properly. This article shows how to add stage sessions to the agenda.

IMPORTANT: Before you can add sessions, you need to have set up your streams and rooms. Read how to do this here and here. If you get stuck, our team can help you with this. Just contact your account handler.

First, navigate to the 'Rooms' area of the Admin Dashboard.

You should see a list of available rooms. If you need to create a new room, you can do this here.

Click on the room which you want to add a session for.

You will then see the dashboard to edit that room, which looks something like the below.

Note: Here you can also edit the room information by clicking 'Room Info'.

To create your first session, click 'Create Session' which will bring up the session creation popup.

The fields for this section are:

Name - the name or title of the session that will appear on the agenda

Description - a longer description of the session that will appear if delegates click 'more info'

Session Starts at - the start time of the session (Intelligo supports sessions at 5-minute intervals)

Session Ends at - the end time of the session

Speakers - who is speaking at the session? This information is taken from the Delegates list, and will automatically elevate a delegate to a speaker. If you have not added your speakers as delegates yet, leave this blank and you can come back to it later.

Linked Stream - this is the stream that will play for this session. If you aren't sure what this means, go back and read about Streams.

Partner - if this is a sponsored session, pick from your partners list here. This can be done later if you need to.

Feedback Form - if you have set up a feedback form, you can link it to the session here.

Once you have filled out the information, click 'Create' and your session will appear in the agenda, as well as being in the drop down menu in your room dashboard.

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