Before you can create your sessions, you need to create your rooms in which the content will be displayed. This article relates to our 'Watch Now' stages. If you are looking to create a breakout, you can do this here.

To get started, navigate to the admin dashboard. You will then need to click 'Watch Now' to expand the sessions menu.

You will need to select 'rooms'.

If you have not yet created your rooms or stages, you will need to select 'Create Room'. If you have already done this, you can skip this step.

When you select 'Create Room' the above box will appear. Start by entering your room name. As you enter it, the 'Room URL' box will automatically fill with what Intelligo thinks your room URL should be. If you want to change this yourself, you can edit it by clicking inside the 'Room URL' text box.

Then, you can add upload a room holding video. This video will loop when nothing is being streamed. If you choose to leave this blank, the room will display an Intelligo holding graphic.

If you have already set up Partners, here is where you can add a room partner. If you have not done this yet or don't have a room partner, leave it blank - you can always change it later.

Finally, the last step is selecting your room options.

'Room Chat' activates a chat room that is limited to people watching this room. If this is deactivated, the interact section defaults to the global chat instead.

'Questions and Polls' allows you to activate Intelligo's integrated audience interaction features.

'Secret Room'. If this is active, the stage will only be visible to users with the appropriate Access Tag.

Once you have finished and selected all your options, click 'create' and you should now see your room in the 'Rooms' area. Next, you will need to add sessions to your Agenda.

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