Session moderation is simple. You must be an event organiser or be a moderator of the stage to moderate a session. If you do not see the moderation options as listed below, please ask the event organiser to activate your admin privileges or make you a moderator.

To moderate a session, simply enter the stage that the session is taking place in. If you have permissions, you will see a toggle for ‘Moderate’ and ‘Live’ above the video player. Select ‘Moderate’ and you will see the moderator tools appear.

The player will disappear but you will still be able to hear the session audio. When users ask questions, they will appear on the left hand side of the page. You can then accept, decline, or favourite the question.

Favourite questions get pushed to the top of the question list in the Interact pane on the right hand side of the platform. As a moderator, you can also respond to questions. Just click the ‘reply’ arrow to respond to a question, and your response will appear below the question in the Interact pane.

If you need to create a poll, click the 'plus' icon to start the poll creation process. You will then be prompted to enter the poll details. Click 'save' when you are happy with the poll you have created. The poll will not go live until you click the 'play' icon. It will then appear in the Interact pane. When you would like to close the poll, click the 'stop' icon. Poll results will then be published in the Interact pane.

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