A stream allows you to broadcast to Intelligo. This is vital for getting your content into the platform. Each stream is a unique ‘key’ that tells streaming software where to send the content it is broadcasting - a bit like a TV channel. Every item on your agenda that takes place on a Stage will need a stream.

If you are broadcasting from a single location, you will only need one stream. However if you have multiple locations, for example if someone is streaming a session from their own home, you will need a unique stream for that location. To set up a stream, navigate to the event admin portal by clicking the three dots next to your profile in the bottom left corner of the platform.

Select ‘Streams’ and then ‘Create Stream’. A stream key will automatically be generated. You can then supply this key to whoever is setting up the broadcast on-location.

Intelligo also offers an additional failsafe in the form of YouTube Embedded streams. You can stream your content to YouTube, and then switch to the YouTube feed in Intelligo at any time should there be an issue with your main stream.

CAUTION: it is very important that your streams are set up and distributed correctly. If you have any concerns or are unsure about Streams, then please contact your account handler.

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