Intelligo Network Connectivity Requirements

An article to help IT departments and users of the Intelligo platform access all features

Intelligo is primarily a standard HTTP based website however it does also use some extra protocols to deliver things like real time communications plus video and audio rooms. Below we details some of the protocols and domains Intelligo needs to connect to.

HLS Streams

Our global CDN network that delivers HD quality video to the Intelligo platforms uses two protocols, RTMPS and HLS. These protocols use the widely standard port 443.
RTMPS connects to an endpoint of rtmps://

The HLS "Feed" that comes into Intelligo from the CDN network comes from

webRTC - Realtime video and audio communication

For realtime audio and video sharing, Intelligo relies on the webRTC protocol, specifically Intelligo needs access to port 443 and the following domains need to be whitelisted:

  • *
  • *

Along with the minimum requirements, opening UDP Port 3478 will provide a better experience. UDP is recommended over TCP for better quality audio and video.

If you are still having issues, the following link can help diagnose further problems


Intelligo uses websockets to provide realtime communication between the users device and our servers. Our websocket connects through the standard 443 port, on, and is a widely used protocol on websites. 

You can read more about websockets and how they work in details here

For any other questions regarding Network Connectivity Requirements please get in touch with us.

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