Breakout Rooms

What is a breakout room and how does it differ from a Watch Now room? 

Breakout Rooms are an alternative way of interacting on the Intelligo platform. Whilst Watch Now content is designed to be streamed in high quality to an audience, the Breakout Rooms allow the audience to get stuck in themselves and have face-to-face discussions. 

The Breakout Rooms allow groups of 2-30 people to have discussions amongst themselves. They include many features you might be familiar with from video meetings, such as screen sharing.

Each breakout room can also have Viewers as well as Participants.

Depending on the format of the event, the Breakout Rooms can be used for a number of different styles of content, from one-to-many presentations with lots of viewers, to round table discussions, to networking groups where everyone is a Participant. 

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