Partner customisation

Personalise a partner profile with custom modules

If you are an admin of the event or a partner representative you have access to edit and customise the partner info and also add custom modules to the profile.

Head over to a partner's profile to get started.

By default the partner will have a banner that is generated from the colours of the logo, to add your own banner you can click the camera icon in the top right of the banner which will allow you to upload a short looping video or an image.

This image or video will be cropped to an aspect ratio of 16:5. 

You are also able to edit the partners logo by clicking the camera icon next to the logo

To edit the partner name, description and more info, click the pen icon to be shown an editor popup.

Here you can fill out all the information for that partner, once you are done, click 'Update'


The most powerful part of partner profiles is the module builder.

Click on the 'Edit Modules' to get started.

A new window will popup which includes a grid of different modules you can insert and customise to build the profile.

Choosing a module will insert it into the page and you can 'Select' it for editing. The side bar on the right will show all the options you can edit for that particular module. Once you are done, hit save at the bottom and carry on adding more modules.

You can drag the icon on the left of modules to change their order or click the bin on the right to delete the module entirely.

Once you are happy, click the 'Back to profile' button on the top right of the screen.

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