Analytics give you deep access to data about your event

Analytics shows advanced data about your event and how each area performed. To get started, head over to 'Advanced' and then 'Analytics'

The dashboard gives you a broad overview of some key metrics.

Dashboard data becomes available every 15 minutes, you can check for new data by clicking the refresh button on the right-hand side.

First, if your event has multiple days, we have a graph over time of how many unique users logged in each day.

Just below the graph we have the following:

Most popular session: This is the most popular session of your event based on the total amount of time users viewed the particular session.

Most popular breakout: Same metrics as the above sessions except for breakout rooms, this does not include breakout buckets.

Most popular speakers: This is based on the total amount of time users viewed a session or breakout the speaker is assigned to.

Most popular partner: Same metrics as above speakers however for partners of sessions and breakouts.


Below the dashboard we have the individual reports, each report has a name and description of what data it shows. Simply click on view to be taken to that report.

When you click on a report to view, you will be taken to a page where you can search, sort and download all data.

New data becomes available every 15 minutes and you can click the refresh button at anytime. 

To download a CSV with all data for that report, simply click the download button, top right.

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