Access Tags

What are access tags and how do they work

Access tags are an advanced feature of Intelligo and can give great power over access to content and features.

To get started head to 'Advanced' and then 'Access Tags'

An access tag is like a padlock to content you assign it to, then only users who also have that access tag assigned to them have the 'Key' to the padlock to access the content.

To start, give your access tag a name and click 'Add Tag'

OPTIONAL: You can make an access tag visible to all users of your event, if the access tag is 'visible' and assigned to a user then other users will see these tags under the users name in their profile.

Once you have created your tag it will appear underneath. Click on 'Edit Assignments' to the right.

The next page gives you options to assign access tags to your content that is already setup, or you can assign the access tags to your content in the create or edit popups.

Once you have assigned an access tag to a Stage, Session or anything else then that content has a virtual padlock on it and only users who have a matching tag assigned to them can see and access that content. 

Assigning access tags to users can be done in many ways:

  • Assign tags manually from the 'Users' page
  • Assign tags when uploading a CSV of users to the event
  • Assign tags when linking your event with Zapier
  • Assign tags to tickets when using Intelligo for ticketing
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