How do I add Sessions to the Agenda?

How to add Sessions and ensure they appear in the agenda.

Because Intelligo features dynamic linking of content throughout the platform, agenda sessions need to be made in a particular way to ensure all the functions of Intelligo work properly. This article shows how to add stage sessions to the agenda.

First, navigate to 'Content' and then 'Agenda' in the Event Admin. 

This page now shows you all the 'Stages' and 'Sessions' for your event in the same format as the main agenda.

To get started choose a session type.


  • Stream session - This is session that accepts an RTMP feed from an external studio into the platform. As said above, this can be sent from an external studio or event using a program like OBS on your own computer.
  • Studio session - A studio session makes the studio live in a stage, read more about studio's here
  • Playback session - A playback session plays pre recorded content at the time of the session. It will appear live to the users watching, they will not be able to fast forward but will be able to rewind back if they wish.
  • Blank session - You can use this to add sessions that don't actually show any content, this is usually used for things like lunch breaks or to inform users of other content available like a breakout room etc.

We will choose Stream session for now, when you click the button you will have a popup with the session creation wizard.

The fields for this section are:

Name - the name or title of the session that will appear on the agenda

Description - a longer description of the session that will appear if delegates click 'more info'

Session Starts at - the start time of the session

Session Ends at - the end time of the session

Partner - if this is a sponsored session, pick from your partners list here. This can be done later if you need to.

Feedback Form - if you have set up a feedback form, you can link it to the session here.

Access Tags - Find out about access tags here

Stages - Which stage this session is linked to, you can create a stage directly in here or read more about them here

Speakers - who is speaking at the session? This information is taken from the Delegates list, and will automatically elevate a delegate to a speaker. If you have not added your speakers as delegates yet, leave this blank and you can come back to it later.

Linked Stream - this is the stream that will play for this session. If you aren't sure what this means, go back and read about Streams.

Once you have filled out the information, click 'Create' and your session will appear in the agenda.

Playback sessions have the same options as above except for the additional playback type.

The options here are as follows:

  • Uploaded Video File - This is a video file you have local to your computer, it will be uploaded to our servers and then processed. Please be aware large files may take a while to process so please allow enough time before your event.
  • Upload Image File - This is where you can upload an image for the session, this can be handy for lunch breaks etc
  • Youtube - You can link a youtube ID and the session will playback the youtube video, we recommend this to be a youtube premier or live stream and NOT a standard video, due to YouTube's limitations we are not able to stop a user from fast forwarding to the end of a standard video.
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