How do I create a Stage

How to create stages, add sponsors, and holding videos.

Before you can create your sessions, you need to create your stages in which the content will be displayed. If you are looking to create a breakout, you can do this here.

To get started, navigate to 'Content' and then 'Agenda' 

Next up you can click the big green plus button to create a stage

When you select 'Create Stage' you will see the stage creation popup. Start by entering your stage name. As you enter it, the 'Slug' box will automatically fill with what Intelligo thinks your stage URL should be. If you want to change this yourself, you can edit it by clicking inside the 'Slug' text box. 

The fields for this section are:

Name - the name of stage

Slug - the url of stage

Partner - if this is a sponsored stage, pick from your partners list here. This can be done later if you need to.

Moderators - This gives the selected users 'Moderator' access to this stage which allows them to moderate the chat, questions and polls.

Access Tags - Find out about access tags here

Holding video - This video will loop when nothing is being streamed. If you choose to leave this blank, the room will display an Intelligo holding graphic.

Stage messages - This enables and disables messaging for the stage

Questions and Polls - This enables and disables questions and polling for the stage

Question moderation - If questions and polls above is enabled this chooses wether the questions need to be moderated before being seen by everyone else or they are immaterially visible to all other users in that stage

Once you have finished and selected all your options, click 'create' and you should now see your stage at the top of the agenda builder. Next, you will need to add sessions to your Agenda.

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