How do I register delegates for my event?

Helps an event organiser invite their guests.

There are multiple ways of registering your delegates.

If you choose to use the Intelligo Ticketing Platform, this is handled automatically.

However, if you are registering guests yourself, you can do this individually or via batch upload.

To upload individual guests with an email address, click ‘Users’, and then ‘New User’.

To perform a batch upload of guests, select ‘Advanced’ then 'Uploads'. 

Imported files should be .csv format. Drag your .csv file onto the page, or click 'browse' to select your file and then click 'Next'

This will now activate the column mapping function.

If your .csv file does not have a title or 'header row' you will need to disable the option 'My CSV has a header row' so that the system does not ignore your first row. 

Use the dropdown lists to select what data is contained in each column. The options are:

Ignore - ignores the column and doesn't import the data

First Name* - Delegate's first name (must be mapped to a column)

Last Name* - Delegate's surname (must be mapped to a column)

Email* - Delegate's email address they will use to log in and receive communications about the event (must be mapped to a column)

Access Tags - any access tags for restrictions within the event. Separated by a comma.

Password - manually sets the user's password for them so they do not have to create their own. (Please be advised that if the user has an account on Intelligo already and has a password of their own set then this option will NOT override their existing password for security reasons)

Custom Data - any additional data you would like to be tracked around the platform. Some examples could be: phone number, SalesForce ID, Membership number, etc. This will not appear publicly but will appear in any reports or analytics.

Custom User Fields - information to appear in each custom user field you have defined for your event. Read more about this here.

Once you have mapped the columns, there are three further options before upload. 

Send Welcome Emails - Will send all delegates their welcome email straight away. You can choose to do this later through the admin dashboard if you turn this option off.

Onboard Users - Automatically completes the onboarding process for the users, meaning they will not be asked to complete any additional profile information themselves when they first log in.

Update Existing - Will overwrite any existing data for a delegate that already exists in the database with the same email address.

Once you have selected your options, click 'submit' and the upload will pop into the table below with a status of 'Processing' and a loading icon. Depending on the size of your CSV this may take a while, however, you can leave the page and come back later if you wish.

However, hopefully you will see a status of 'Complete', which means all your users have been uploaded, and can now be seen in the Users area of the Admin Dashboard. 

If you are having issues with this feature, contact your account handler who will be able to guide you through the process. 

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