Create and manage users for your event

As an event organiser you have complete control over your users and the event. The users page includes all management of users and bulk actions.

To get started head over to the users page.

All the users of your event are listed on this page, we include some powerful filters to drill down into your user base, these include:

  • Access Tag filter
  • Representatives filter
  • Status filter
  • Search filter

To the right of the table is a button to turn different columns on and off to suite your needs.

Hover over a users avatar to select users for bulk actions.

Once you have the users selected you can then access the 'Actions' dropdown which has the following options:

Assign Partner Reps: Bulk assign users to partners as representatives

Assign Access Tags: Bulk assign access tags to users

Resend Welcome Emails: Bulk send the users their welcome email

Send Password Reset Emails: Bulk send the users a password reset email

Complete Onboarding: Bulk mark users as 'Onboarded' which means they will not have to complete their profile onboarding on first visiting the event.

Reset Onboarding: The opposite of above, reset the selected users onboard status so they have to complete their profile info on the next visit to the event. 

Individual user management

Each user can be individually managed by clicking the little blue arrow against their name.

Edit profile: This allows you to edit their personal profile details such as name, description etc

Password Management: This will bring up a window with password management options, these are the following:

Resend welcome email: This will resend the welcome email to the user, this option is only available if the user has not already set their password.

Send password reset: This will send a password reset email to the user

Generate Link: This allows you to generate a password reset or initial welcome email link which you can then manually send the user if they are having issues with emails.

Manage User: This will bring up a window with user management options, these are as follows:

Make Admin: This will make the user an admin of your event, they will have full access to the event, full moderation rights and access to the admin portal.

Suspend User: This suspends the user from your event, they will not be able to re register or enter the event.

Remove User: This removed the user from your event, they could still re register if your event had free registration.

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