How to edit your event info

Your event info is shown all over the site, learn how to change it!

To get started, head over to 'Personalisation' and then 'Event Info'.

From here you can personalise the main information about your event, the options are:

Event Name: This is your events name, it is shown all over the platform and also any communication sent via emails etc.

Tag Line: This is an optional tag line of your event, it can be anything you wish and will always be shown below your event name.

Description: A description of your event that is shown on the 'Home' page when you first land on the platform

Location: This is for informational purposes only, if your event is Hybrid it can have the live events location.

Timezone: This is important, this tells Intelligo what timezone your event is being shown in, it allows us to display all times in the admin area in your selected event timezone to make it easy to build your agenda and schedule emails to send at the correct time. (All times that users see are shown in the timezone their local computer is set to)

Privacy policy: If you want to enable analytics tracking via a third party service you will need to enter a privacy policy before you can add tracking info, Find out more here. Once a privacy policy is entered and tracking codes enabled we will show a cookie popup to users of your event which is required by law due to GDPR. Find out about GDPR here

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