Custom User Fields

How to edit and create custom user fields

Intelligo allows event organisers to customise the user fields that are shown and required for users to fill in.

To get started, head over to "Personalisation" -> "User Fields"

There are to sections to this page:

  • Information fields - These are the fields that users can fill in
  • User profile cards - This is how the fields from the section above are displayed around the event

Information fields

The left hand side is a preview of how the fields will be displayed to the users

The right hand side is where you can edit, sort and add new fields

Dragging the handle on the left will allow sorting of the fields.  Clicking on the cog on the right will allow editing of that specific field.

Click the "Add New Field" to create a new field.

Once you are finished and happy with the changes, click "Save"

Zapier integration warning

If you have Zapier enabled, changing any of these fields could affect your Zapier "Zaps". When editing these fields, make sure to review Zapier.

User Profile Cards

The left hand side is a preview of how the profile cards will be displayed, on the left is where you can change what fields are displayed. Simply click one of the dropdowns, change the value and when you are happy, click save.

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